Portrait of David Jacob Harder

David Jacob Harder is a Canadian interdisciplinary visual artist/curator. Born in Quesnel, British Columbia, he earned a BFA in Visual Arts, as well as BA in Social History, from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. 

David has shown in numerous public exhibitions across Western Canada and the US and continues to develop his work in his home in Wells, BC. 

“I am focused primarily on a heightened awareness of the raw nature and the malleability of landscape. With a first hand interaction with raw materials and perceptions in paint, I try to further understand our relationship to the fundamentals of time, erosion, and decay. By the amalgamation of the industrialized and organic materials, I work towards creating a new language to decipher these interactions and symbolize the theories of transcendental naturalism. By unearthing such theories the biological equilibrium presents itself in the patterns where in which I find my place in the equation of what I call ‘terrestrial pragmatism’. By creating works that denote these patterns I propose to act as a catalyst in the conversation of post-industrial culture and our future within the ecological domain.”